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About Me

I am a professional photographer based in Toronto, Ontario, specializing in wedding and portrait photography.

- Ashlyn


20 Leslie St
Toronto, ON   M4M3H9

(647) 200-9920

Toronto Photographer | Wedding Photography

I am a passionate and professional photographer based in Toronto, Ontario. I’m happy to travel throughout the area or to the destination of your choice, and I’m eager to capture the joy of your wedding.

Capturing your wedding is about more than just the photographs themselves. It’s about the pure emotions at the heart of your day, the atmosphere surrounding you, and your story. My talent lies in distilling the celebration into images that, years from now, will transport you right back to your special day. My photos are about the love that you and your spouse have for each other, as well as the love that surrounds you. My approach combines formal portraiture with candid images in order to capture your wedding in an array of stunning and honest moments.

Weddings and Portraits | Toronto Weddings | Wedding Photographer

I love getting to know couples before their big day, hearing the story of how they met and fell in love, and building a rapport with them. This allows me to capture their personalities and love for each other in an honest light.

My goal is to capture not only the love between you and your spouse, but also the love of all the friends and family who are part of the occasion. There is so much joy and excitement throughout the day, and I’m honored to be able to photograph it all for you. Capturing these relationships in authentic moments brings your wedding pictures to life and keeps your memories as colorful and emotional as the day itself.

My Philosophy | Formal Portraits and Candid Moments | Ashlyn Dawson

I’m motivated to produce high quality images that will tell the story of your wedding day as well as your story as a couple. I strive to capture the meaningful moments you’ll want to remember most. I never shoot the same kind of wedding twice; you have your own unique story and style, and I’ll tailor my approach to your wishes.

I can provide minimal direction to get the most beautiful pictures possible. I want you to be comfortable being yourself and letting your personality come through. We’ll have fun taking formal portraits, but you’ll also have a mix of unobtrusive candid shots that will make you smile for years to come. I promise to capture your wedding in its full range of emotions and beauty.